User Interface


User Interface Overview

Adesign provides a comprehensive toolset, clear and intuitive interface which offers a high level of usability and simplicity even when using powerful options to create professional-quality images.

Work Area

Adesign Work Area

Adesign's work area has been created to be as simple as possible and arranged to maximize graphic editing. In the working environment you will find a toolbar and a set of floating windows to obtain maximum power and productivity. The display control buttons help you manage the work area and control the graphics display, the toolbar, and all floating windows.


Adesign Toolbar

The toolbar is reduced in size to give you more room for graphic design and editing. the different tools are grouped in categories. Simply place your mouse over the tool group button, and a submenu of tools will appear.

State-of-the-art tools

With its comprehensive set of retouching, painting, drawing, selecting, and text tools, Adesign helps you complete any image-editing task efficiently.


Adesign Layers Window Adesign Layer System

Layers are basically sheets stacked one on top of the other. With layers, you can work on one element without disturbing others. To rearrange elements, simply shift the order in the layers window. You can hide layers to get a clear view of the element you're working on, and select multiple layers to move them as a group. The layers palette also makes it easy to apply blending modes, set opacity and apply layer masks.

History Palette

Adesign History Window

At anytime, you can undo or redo multiple steps with the history window. So you can experiment freely without sacrificing efficiency.

Tool Settings

Adesign Options Window

The context-sensitive options window gives you instantaccess to different settings for the selected tool.

Color Window

Adesign Color Spaces

The color window provides an easy way to select a color. You can select the color space you want to use: rgb, hsb (triangle and standard), indexed (palette), and grayscale. A completely customizable color palette that you can edit, load and save, is also available. Moreover, Adesign comes with its own advanced colordialog, selectable from the preferences.



Filters are effects that operate on a selection or on the full current selected layer if there is no selection. They are grouped into the following categories: blur, distort, texture, sharpen, light effects, styles, and advanced.

Precise editing


Twenty levels of zoom, from 2.5% to 2,000%, are available. So at anytime you can edit your image or retouch your photo from 1/400 its normal size to 20 times its normal size.

Design & Share your Work Worldwide

Switching languages from the preferences take effect immediately. For example, you could have Adesign running in french by a simple click from the preferences. Switching the measure unit of the rulers between cm or inches is also possible.

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