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Selected Awards

review 5 cows (maximum mark) from TUCOWS!

review 5 stars (maximum mark) from SoftLandMark, plus Editor's Pick

5 stars (maximum mark) from Logicielscenter.com

review 5 stars (maximum mark) from the File Transit

review 5 stars (maximum mark) from the Great Software List

Online Reviews

" (...) There are few programs, that in the mind of their developer, can take the most complex tasks and break them down into simple, understandable parts. When writers do this, we admire their clarity. Where clarity meets photo editing software, Pierresoft's Adesign defines it (...)"- The Great Software List

"Here is an amazing editor that is sure to capture your attention. Adesign will help you make professional-looking images and graphics. The toolbar menu for this program has unique effects of its own (...)"- TUCOWS Software Library

"(...) Adesign is definitely worth the price, and it is a program that can provide features that may ordinarily cost much more. It's definitely worth a look for users of just about any skill level." - Web Developpers Library.

Your Participation

This page summarizes awards and reviews of Adesign from journalists that have notified me of their articles. Many do not and there are a lot of other awards and reviews not listed here. If you know other awards or reviews of Adesign, from online magazines or traditional press, especially in your home country, please let me know. Thank you!

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