Image Editing and Composing

Understanding Layers

Image Editing Layers

Think of layers as sheets stacked one on top of the other. Where there is no image on a layer, you can see through to the layers below. The layer of the bottom of the stack is called the background. This simple edition paradigm is the basis for many professional image editing techniques. Adesign makes layers easy to manipulate, you will quickly learn how to take part of such a system.

Easy to use Layering System

Layer System Set the opacity, blend mode, and adjust layer positions with the layer window which provides you with a layered view of your image. Create layer masks to smoothly merge pictures. Drop shadow layers add depth effects to your image... You can select multiple layers to move a set of layers together or to apply a rotation to a group of layers.

Take Part of Layer Masks

Create compositions by blending images together. For example, one of the following landscape never existed: can you guess which one? It has been obtained by blending two landscapes together with a simple gradient on the layer mask.


Editing with Blend Modes

Using blend modes you control how layers are stacked on top of each other. Use radial gradients on layer masks to blend two images.

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