I am research scientist at CNRS. I lead the research activities on data-centric web programming conducted in the Tyrex research group at LIG and Inria in Grenoble, France. I am also co-responsible for the PhD program in Computer Science at the University Grenoble-Alpes. Previously, I worked at EPFL, and at IBM Watson. I received a Ph.D in Computer Science in 2006, and an HDR in 2014. I am also a happy recipient of a 2013 CNRS Bronze Medal.

My research interests encompass both theoretical aspects and engineering techniques that lead to breakthrough software. In particular, I am the principal investigator of the Tree reasoning solver project.

I am a usual referee for TCS, TOIT, TODS, TOIS, IPL, DKE, LATA, DBPL, DocEng, ICALP, ICFP, etc.

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